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ILF Vigil Day 1, Royal Courts of Justice #SaveILF

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Nasty Party

Back in the day, to call someone a 'Tory' was to call them a thief or rapparee - a wild Irish robber & outlaw (from 'A New Canting Dictionary', originally published in London, 1725). I'll follow this up in a few paragraphs.

Today I attended the ILF vigil outside the Royal Courts of Justice because despite a judicial ruling against the closure of the Independent Living Fund (the ILF) last year, this scumbag Tory government won't give up and is trying to close the ILF again
Spiteful and vindictive, it's true Nasty Party politics as shown by Lord Freud's 'off record' but widely reported remarks about the market value of disabled people. He is not alone in the Tory party either, others share his views. Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey in particular, with Lord Freud, have, or will have, blood on their hands. Philip Davies MP for Shipley said something very similar to Freud in 2011 (a quick web search for Davies reveals his rabid right-wing credentials for membership of this not so exclusive group of Tories. He believes, for instance, that sex education increases the chance of teen pregnancy.
And pricks like this govern us...
All of the people attending vociferously support the 'Freud must go' placard and chant.


Watch the film below and follow the accompanying links for the background to the ILF and the potentially devastating effects of its closure.
(Follow this direct link to view the video if it fails to load on the blog)
If you fail to be moved by this film you have a cold cold cold heart. Or you are a Tory.
This article is by Ros Wynne-Jones in today's Daily Mirror 'Tory bid to cut lifeline for profoundly disabled people as cruel as Lord Freud's words'
Kate Belgrave has the maths behind this particularly vindictive and malicious attack on disabled people by the Tories - 'Pretty sure Iain Duncan Smith has decided these people shouldn’t live'. Bang on.
The Tories are thieves, the 18th century insult is so true. They are stealing from the poor to line their own pockets through artificially created 'austerity'. Worse, they are stealing peace of mind, leaving people deeply anxious, often depressed, and dreading the future. This is a war on the poor and the disabled and I wonder just how far it can go before we cannot bear it any longer and demand change. Government is aware of this too, hence the purchase of (among other things), water canon to use against us on London streets and the militarisation of the police (TSG anyone?).
Austerity? Post World War II there was real austerity but thousands of homes were built, the NHS was launched and jobs were created from the ruins of the war under a Labour government. It needn't be like this (the Tory model).. Saying that of course, it is difficult to slide a rizla paper between the current Tory and Labour policies so I'm not holding my breath. What is taking place is theft, pure and simple, and amoral. Thieving from the poorest to line the pockets of the richest is digusting, and as I have said, that theft isn't limited to finance. The process is also dismantling core values we hold dear as society and I hate them for doing this.
And I know it needn't be like this.
And the fuckers weren't even elected on a majority vote... Kept in power by their spineless corrupt fags (to use Public School argot, which seems appropriate given their backgrounds), the Lib-Dems. A party I hope will never see the light of day in my lifetime after the next election. I'm not sure who I loathe the most.

Save The ILF

More positively, there was a really good turnout for the vigil
The following photograph shows Anne Pridmore with her assistance dog. The dog is wearing a jacket with the words 'Please don't let them put me in the dogs home'. This will be just one non-human casualty of the closure of the ILF. Everybody there faces some kind of heartbreak, anxiety and dread of the future.
The dog has his head trustingly on Anne's thigh, gazing up at her adoringly while she makes a plea outlining her (and many like her) predicament. Both will be heartbroken.
A dog is for life is drummed into us on stickers, on adverts and all over the media. I am a dog owner myself (The Dog, 'himself', has featured on my blogs and my twitter feed for the last six years). I too would be distraught, just beyond words, and I thank God I do not have to make that decision.
This is an all too obvious example of the heartless Tory fuckers stealing peace of mind and a joyful future. And likewise, an obvious puller of heartstrings for which I apologise.
I have lots more photos to post but I will wait till I have simmered down a bit... Meanwhile here is a slideshow of what is currently available.


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