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Foggy River MerseyFoggy River MerseyWalk by the River Mersey 17/12/2016

View from the bridge over The Mersey. No ferry here...


The fog was heavier in some places rather than others.

Truncated railway bridge, person walking pastTruncated railway bridge, person walking pastWalk by the River Mersey 17/12/2016



Likewise the pylon

Pylons in the mist, Mersey Vale Nature ReservePylon in the mist, Mersey Vale Nature ReserveWalk by the River Mersey 17/12/2016



Anyway, enough of this Victorian painterly aesthetic. I prefer harsh. Like this truncated bridge... Something about the eyes! It is the opposite end of the truncated structure in the previous photo but one.

Barricade, bastion, defense? No. A truncated railway bridgeBarricade, bastion, defense? No. A truncated railway bridgeWalk by the River Mersey 17/12/2016

Sentinal bridge


Under the M60 bridge, things were less dreamlike. Or maybe not... Bad Bees

M60 bridge with sihouette and Bad Bees graffitiM60 bridge with sihouette and Bad Bees graffitiWalk by the River Mersey 17/12/2016

Bad Bees M60 bridge


Spiders' webs were showing clearly. This is f/2.8 with bonus not-so-creamy bokeh

Spiders' webs, M60 bridge, River MerseySpiders' webs, M60 bridge, River MerseyWalk by the River Mersey 17/12/2016



Likewise (f/2.8). Weeds. Dead Ragged Robin? Strands of spiders' webs too

Weeds, M60 bridge, River MerseyWeeds, M60 bridge, River MerseyWalk by the River Mersey 17/12/2016



The river is relatively quiet at the moment, but debris from flooding can be seen several metres above the current waterline (probably from last year). The debris seems to be mainly supermarket plastic bags, or maybe they just catch on the branches easiest. After a storm a couple of months ago, the river rose frighteningly quickly and the weir further down was flowing backwards, upstream! If The Dog had fallen in, nothing would have saved him from the torrent. Noisy too.

Flood debris, River MerseyFlood debris, River MerseyWalk by the River Mersey 17/12/2016

Debris, high water mark


Some things don't really change... Gorsey Bank Park, a former (seemingly unlamented) housing estate is being turned into an industrial estate... plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. It is still an estate, just with a different adjective (although technically it is becoming a "business park", obviously a step-up (lol) ie "The Aurora Business Park"). In between estates it was a park/open space.

Gorsey Bank Park, StockportGorsey Bank Park, StockportWalk by the River Mersey 17/12/2016

At the entrance to Gorsey Bank Park. Framed


Behind the wall, the next phase is underway. With some colourful graffiti not very colourful in this B+W shot...

Gorsey Bank building worksGorsey Bank building worksWalk by the River Mersey 17/12/2016

Gorsey Bank



Nikon D750, Nikkor AF-S 17-35 f/2.8

I particularly like the  Nikkor AF-S 17-35 f/2.8. It is good for people and places. It is getting rare to find one now - I don't think they are made any more. The 'fast' f/2.8 is being negated by higher ISO speeds in newer cameras, and some would argue the necessity of f/2.8 on such a wide-angle. Let's just say depth of field for when it is needed. It is also quite heavy, being built like a tank. These lenses have survived war-zones.

On a full frame camera though, I think it is almost perfect. But what do I know? (ooh, passive aggresive).

PP'd in a combination of Lightroom/Silver Efex 2 and Photoshop*. For some reason I didn't enable lens corrections, even though I have the profiles.

*Adobe software is the sole reason I have Windows (Win7) on a computer (even that is running in a virtual machine despite graphics card issues) . I know there are Linux alternatives but I have an archive going back to 2003 with non destructive edits.  I'll not touch Win10 (aka "Slurp" with a bargepole. However, I am slowly learning "Darktable" , a very capable FOSS alternative to Lightroom

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Pushing The Boundary These are some photos of Elina and her youngest child aged 3. Elina and her 3 children were 'temporarily' housed in this one room flat 18 months ago by Newham Council (they were living in the London Borough of Newham). The temporary housing is in Welwyn Garden City, approximately 20kms from the London Borough of Newham. More details can be found on Kate Belgrave's site 'This is how you and your kids can expect to live if you lose your home'

Elina's flatThree beds visible, one behind the photographer

Elina shares the room with her 3 children

HallwayThe front door is broken, there is no security

The hallway is full of children's buggys, there were just as many behind me. There is no space in the flats. The front door entry system is broken and buggys get stolen. At night people come in and drink and make noise on the stairs which is intimidating.

Elina and youngest

Elina and her youngest in their room.

Doll There was just enough space to show me her doll.

This is part of an ongoing series that Kate Belgrave is working on. Expect more...

info (at) snapsthoughts (dot) com (Snapsthoughts) Newham Council benefits homelessness housing Mon, 25 Jan 2016 15:23:37 GMT
Jobcentre Surreal Here are some photos I shot at the Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group (KUWG) weekly action outside Kilburn jobcentre (they meet every Thursday, see the site for details).

The what?

Really? Kilburn Jobcentre takes the piss


The Jocentre Plus at Kilburn is having a laugh. Read more at Kate Belgrave asking what exactly are jobcentres for which happens to be about this particular jobcentre.

There is some surreal shit here too

Out of order Out of order...


Watching you

Watching me watching you


Kate has written about this remarkable group of people and the incredible help and support they offer, so do a search and read more.


Some of the KUWG

Some of the group


KUWG banner KUWG banner


And finally, just in case it hasn't clicked, read the following sign. It doesn't of course say who gets paid for the work, just 'making work pay'.  Which of course, sounds chillingly like a play on 'work makes free'

Making work pay... for whom?

Making work pay...


I'm thinking workfare, sanctions and the whole shitfest surrounding benefits at the moment. Really, they should put that sign over the door and be done with it.



Nikon D750, Nikkor AF-S 17-35 f/2.8, fill flash

info (at) snapsthoughts (dot) com (Snapsthoughts) KUWG Kilburn Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group benefits dwp jobcentre plus sanctions Wed, 12 Aug 2015 13:21:28 GMT
Soup Kitchen, UK 2015 Soup kitchen reality - The UK in May 2015.

The people dining and the workers were happy to have their photos taken during breakfast at a Weymouth soup kitchen


Soup kitchen user May 2015Soup kitchen user May 2015South Coast, UK


Soup kitchen user May 2015Soup kitchen user May 2015South Coast, UK


Soup kitchen user May 2015Soup kitchen user May 2015South Coast, UK


Soup kitchen workers May 2015Soup kitchen workers May 2015South Coast, UK


Background to the visit and photos can be found in an article by Kate Belgrave 'Social security and voting Tory'.


All photos taken with a Nikon D800E with a Nikkor AF-S 24-70 f/2.8, natural light (no flash), all ISO 3200, f/3.5, zoom between 58-70mm, speeds between 1/160 to 1/400 second ie:

1. 58mm 1/200

2. 66mm 1/160

3. 60mm 1/320

4. 62mm 1/400

No noise reduction, some minor post production and cropping in Photoshop.

info (at) snapsthoughts (dot) com (Snapsthoughts) Food Bank Soup Kitchen benefits homeless unemployment welfare Mon, 20 Jul 2015 15:42:23 GMT
Beached. Part 2,346,457 Of Many Still testing the Nikon D750 and where better than familiar places? Have sorted the metering and exposure compensation anyway.

Thames Path, just around the corner from The Cutty Sark. There is a little beach that becomes enormous when the tide is out. One of The Dog's favourite locations too! Mainly because of the half buried tyres which he pulls from the sand with brute force (example below). Think of those shoulder muscles. And teeth!

This post starts with blue and finishes with blue. Sand in the middle.


Mud and tiles





Sharp canSharp can

Sharp can/crown



Tyre half buried



Shadows and a view of the breakers yard behind


Nikon D750, Nikkor AF-S 24-70 f/2.8

info (at) snapsthoughts (dot) com (Snapsthoughts) Greenwich Peninsular River Thames Thames Path beach mud shadows tiles tyres Sat, 18 Jul 2015 13:58:01 GMT
Body Parts Missing Some old favourites from Nunhead Cemetery.

Armless and headlessArmless and headless

No arms, no head



No torso



Broken wings


Lucky to get anything really. I was testing a Nikon D750 and hadn't got it setup right. Spot metering and -1+1/3 EV exposure compensation. Ho hum...

All photos taken with an AF-S Nikkor 17-35 f/2.8

info (at) snapsthoughts (dot) com (Snapsthoughts) Nunhead Cemetery angels gravestones statues Sat, 18 Jul 2015 13:11:02 GMT
Crowded beach Empty beachEmpty beachFishing for mackerel, West Bay, Dorset

West Bay, Dorset, UK

I seem to be taking photos of people fishing. These guys are fishing for mackerel.

Fuji X100, manual focus, f/11, 1/50 sec, ISO 200, ND filter


info (at) snapsthoughts (dot) com (Snapsthoughts) Dorset West Bay beach cliffs clouds fishing sand sea waves Sun, 24 May 2015 17:04:32 GMT
Fishing Today we had pollution warnings over the SE of England and the air around Dungeness had a horrible soupy yellow quality. Normally it is very clear with big big skies.

FishingFishingFishing on the shingle at Dungeness

The air pollution isn't too apparent in this photo. I like it despite that because it has a peaceful, serene feeling with the odd juxtaposition of what I assume to be a hide for bird watchers on the right and the fisherman, braced, to the left. Everything points towards the hide - the clouds, the shingle and the sea but for me, it is the fisherman that gets my attention.

And oddly, just behind us is the huge nuclear power station which is currently being decommissioned. Instead of the usual steady almost subliminal thrum of the reactors as a constant background, there is now a babel of crashing, smashing and crushing of concrete and steel. So loud!

Taken on a Nikon 800E, Nikkor 14-24/2.8 at f/7.1, 1/800sec, 15mm aperture, ISO100.

info (at) snapsthoughts (dot) com (Snapsthoughts) North Sea coastine fishing hide pollution shingle Tue, 14 Apr 2015 17:31:09 GMT
David DavidDavidNikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70/2.8, flash, f/3.2, 1/60 sec, ISO 100

info (at) snapsthoughts (dot) com (Snapsthoughts) black & white portrait Fri, 30 Jan 2015 14:13:00 GMT
Doors & walls & CCTV Somewhere in Lewisham...

Be[a]ware CCTVBe[a]ware CCTVWe are watching...

Be[a]ware! You are being watched

Nobody challenged me though.



Camera on the ceiling

To playground...To playground...Exit

No No No

The writing on the door. This one leads to the play area.

ExitExitLeave now...


The way out.

info (at) snapsthoughts (dot) com (Snapsthoughts) CCTV corridors doors housing Wed, 21 Jan 2015 17:41:07 GMT
Fuel Poverty Action demo 28 November 2014 Pensioners deserve betterPensioners deserve betterFuel Poverty Action 28/11/2014

Fuel Poverty Action 28/11/2014 - IoD to Energy UK

Went along to this FPA action, and not just because we are personally affected - helloooo Southern Electric/SSE trying to charge us £2k+ for 3 months worth of electricity. A mistake in this case... How many others have 'mistakes' that are not as blatant or advocated effectively against?

Keep off the road. It's a road. There is traffic. Say the coppers... Most of it is their vansKeep off the road. It's a road. There is traffic. Say the coppers... Most of it is their vansFuel Poverty Action 28/11/2014

Coppers doing the usual power trip

Energy for life not tortureEnergy for life not tortureFuel Poverty Action 28/11/2014

Kill capitalism before it kills usKill capitalism before it kills usFuel Poverty Action 28/11/2014

Why are old folk freezing to death in modern BritainWhy are old folk freezing to death in modern BritainFuel Poverty Action 28/11/2014

A rhetorical question. Capitalism has a lot to answer for, but hey! A tiny percentage of the population, the 1%, get wealthier on the backs of these pensioners' deaths. Shame on them.

Stop killing us and the planet! Life before profit!Stop killing us and the planet! Life before profit!Fuel Poverty Action 28/11/2014

Global women's strike state the case.

David Clapson killed by benefit sanctions and pre-payment metersDavid Clapson killed by benefit sanctions and pre-payment metersFuel Poverty Action 28/11/2014

From The Guardian 9/9/2014:

The coroner said that when David Clapson died he had no food in his stomach. Clapson’s benefits had been stopped as a result of missing one meeting at the jobcentre. He was diabetic, and without the £71.70 a week from his jobseeker’s allowance he couldn’t afford to eat or put credit on his electricity card to keep the fridge where he kept his insulin working. Three weeks later Clapson died from diabetic ketoacidosis, caused by a severe lack of insulin. A pile of CVs was found next to his body.

More at The Mirror

On the move from Pall Mall to The HaymarketOn the move from Pall Mall to The HaymarketFuel Poverty Action 28/11/2014

On the way from Pall Mall to Energy UK on The Haymarket

Down on The HaymarketDown on The HaymarketFuel Poverty Action 28/11/2014

Down on The Haymarket. Kudos, it was very cold...

Justice for pensioners. I want a fair deal before I kick the bucketJustice for pensioners. I want a fair deal before I kick the bucketFuel Poverty Action 28/11/2014

Finishing where I started with this guy. All he wants is 'A fair deal before I kick the bucket'.

info (at) snapsthoughts (dot) com (Snapsthoughts) African Womens Group Big Six David Clapson Fuel Poverty Action Global Womens Strike Justice for pensioners energy pensioners Fri, 28 Nov 2014 17:29:58 GMT
ILF Vigil Day 1, Royal Courts of Justice #SaveILF Nasty Party

Back in the day, to call someone a 'Tory' was to call them a thief or rapparee - a wild Irish robber & outlaw (from 'A New Canting Dictionary', originally published in London, 1725). I'll follow this up in a few paragraphs.

Today I attended the ILF vigil outside the Royal Courts of Justice because despite a judicial ruling against the closure of the Independent Living Fund (the ILF) last year, this scumbag Tory government won't give up and is trying to close the ILF again
Save ILF because we're worth itD800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8
Spiteful and vindictive, it's true Nasty Party politics as shown by Lord Freud's 'off record' but widely reported remarks about the market value of disabled people. He is not alone in the Tory party either, others share his views. Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey in particular, with Lord Freud, have, or will have, blood on their hands. Philip Davies MP for Shipley said something very similar to Freud in 2011 (a quick web search for Davies reveals his rabid right-wing credentials for membership of this not so exclusive group of Tories. He believes, for instance, that sex education increases the chance of teen pregnancy.
And pricks like this govern us...
Freud must goD800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8
All of the people attending vociferously support the 'Freud must go' placard and chant.


Watch the film below and follow the accompanying links for the background to the ILF and the potentially devastating effects of its closure.
(Follow this direct link to view the video if it fails to load on the blog)
If you fail to be moved by this film you have a cold cold cold heart. Or you are a Tory.
This article is by Ros Wynne-Jones in today's Daily Mirror 'Tory bid to cut lifeline for profoundly disabled people as cruel as Lord Freud's words'
Kate Belgrave has the maths behind this particularly vindictive and malicious attack on disabled people by the Tories - 'Pretty sure Iain Duncan Smith has decided these people shouldn’t live'. Bang on.
The Tories are thieves, the 18th century insult is so true. They are stealing from the poor to line their own pockets through artificially created 'austerity'. Worse, they are stealing peace of mind, leaving people deeply anxious, often depressed, and dreading the future. This is a war on the poor and the disabled and I wonder just how far it can go before we cannot bear it any longer and demand change. Government is aware of this too, hence the purchase of (among other things), water canon to use against us on London streets and the militarisation of the police (TSG anyone?).
Austerity? Post World War II there was real austerity but thousands of homes were built, the NHS was launched and jobs were created from the ruins of the war under a Labour government. It needn't be like this (the Tory model).. Saying that of course, it is difficult to slide a rizla paper between the current Tory and Labour policies so I'm not holding my breath. What is taking place is theft, pure and simple, and amoral. Thieving from the poorest to line the pockets of the richest is digusting, and as I have said, that theft isn't limited to finance. The process is also dismantling core values we hold dear as society and I hate them for doing this.
And I know it needn't be like this.
Not dead yetD800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8
And the fuckers weren't even elected on a majority vote... Kept in power by their spineless corrupt fags (to use Public School argot, which seems appropriate given their backgrounds), the Lib-Dems. A party I hope will never see the light of day in my lifetime after the next election. I'm not sure who I loathe the most.

Save The ILF

More positively, there was a really good turnout for the vigil
Some of the people on the vigilD800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8
The following photograph shows Anne Pridmore with her assistance dog. The dog is wearing a jacket with the words 'Please don't let them put me in the dogs home'. This will be just one non-human casualty of the closure of the ILF. Everybody there faces some kind of heartbreak, anxiety and dread of the future.
Please don't put me in the dogs homeD800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8
The dog has his head trustingly on Anne's thigh, gazing up at her adoringly while she makes a plea outlining her (and many like her) predicament. Both will be heartbroken.
A dog is for life is drummed into us on stickers, on adverts and all over the media. I am a dog owner myself (The Dog, 'himself', has featured on my blogs and my twitter feed for the last six years). I too would be distraught, just beyond words, and I thank God I do not have to make that decision.
This is an all too obvious example of the heartless Tory fuckers stealing peace of mind and a joyful future. And likewise, an obvious puller of heartstrings for which I apologise.
Solidarity. Save the Independent Living Fund. ILF - because we're worth itNikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70/f2.8
I have lots more photos to post but I will wait till I have simmered down a bit... Meanwhile here is a slideshow of what is currently available.
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Poor door protest, One Commercial Street, London, E5 (#poordoor) A subject that should inflame anybody with a sense of equality and decency is that of 'poor-doors'. They are hardly a new phenomenon, but with the accelerated construction of 'luxury' housing in London (and where the contract specifies 'affordable' housing to be provided at the same site  too), it is one that more people are becoming aware of though protests such as these and personal experience.

The poor-door for the affordable flats located at One Commercial Street, E5 happens to be down a piss-soaked ill-lit alley beside the building. It is a 2nd class entrance apparently deliberately designed to reinforce your 2nd rate status. Don't forget, you can't use the main entrance, it is not connected to your flat.

So 'suck on that' is the message.

Location of the 'poor-door' at One Commercial Street, E5. Total segregationLocation of the 'poor-door' at One Commercial Street, E5. Total segregationNikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8, Flash

The door hardly inspires confidence once you reach it. What better to say that you are a second class citizen than not being allowed to share the busy main entrance?

My photo has 'prettified' it though. There is no sky - the light in the photo above is all reflected from the side of One Commercial Street and the offices over the road, seamlessly. Top right is the nearest it gets during the day, and just try counting the lamps that illuminate it at night...

Concierge? Security?Concierge? Security?Nikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8, Flash

This evening the poor door might have been the preferred entrance considering what was going on at the front door...

No smoking on the porch LOLZNo smoking on the porch LOLZNikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8, Flash

Most of us were having a good time and getting across a serious message.

Class War, Womens Death Brigade, Smiters of the High & Mighty, Fuck Capitalism, Fuck Patriarchy bannerClass War, Womens Death Brigade, Smiters of the High & Mighty, Fuck Capitalism, Fuck Patriarchy bannerNikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8, Flash

Looks like the copper is holding the Lucy Parsons banner. Wearing nail varnish too...Looks like the copper is holding the Lucy Parsons banner. Wearing nail varnish too...Nikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8, Flash

Of course, by this time, getting in the poor-door was not without difficulties

The 'poor-door'The 'poor-door'Nikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8, Flash

It was a lively demo, lots of people and banners

Full Communism bannerFull Communism bannerNikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8, Flash

'We must devastate the avenues where the wealthy live' Lucy Parsons banner'We must devastate the avenues where the wealthy live' Lucy Parsons bannerNikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8, Flash

And again...

'We must devastate the avenues where the wealthy live' Lucy Parsons banner'We must devastate the avenues where the wealthy live' Lucy Parsons banner. Plus, Lucy has legs LOLNikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8, Flash

Really good to see a Durham Miners banner. Pity more from the TUC march that afternoon couldn't have shown some support

Durham Miners Accociation bannerDurham Miners Accociation bannerNikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8, Flash


Ian BoneIan BoneNikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8, Flash

Speech!Speech!Nikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8, Flash

Copper looks interested heheCopper looks interested heheNikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8, Flash

The photo above gives a better idea of the lack of light in the alleyway. 

Finally, an obvious one to end with. Roll on...

Class War bannerClass War bannerNikon D800E, Nikkor 24-70f/2.8, Flash

info (at) snapsthoughts (dot) com (Snapsthoughts) Anarchy Class War Commercial Road E5 Full Communism London Nikkor 24-70f/2.8 Nikon D800E affordable housing flare flash photography housing police poor door segregation Sun, 19 Oct 2014 17:49:54 GMT
Not Quite An Infinity But Recursive RecursionRecursion

Not quite an infinity but I love recursion.

A photo of the bricked up arch photographed on the bricked up arch...

Camera Fuji X100, manual focus, f/2.8 1/125 ISO 200

info (at) snapsthoughts (dot) com (Snapsthoughts) Creekside Deptford arches bricks recursion Sat, 16 Aug 2014 11:19:20 GMT
Creating A Great Future For Everyone (Irony Klaxon) Creating a great future for everyonePerhaps not everyone...D800E

Angela was on her way to the new £90m Brent Civic Centre (opened last year with a launch party that cost £98,000) to 'sit-in' until she had some resolution to the recovery of her direct payments which are being withheld by Brent CC.

The council is withholding them because they have decided that what she wants to spend the money on is not an appropriate use of direct payments.

The result was a promise to resolve the issue speedily. Should we hold our breath?

A result, yes. But why does Angela have to resort to such extreme actions to get things I, for one, would take for granted? Yes, the answer is fairly obvious, the question rhetorical.

This billboard is on the way to the Civic Centre. Oh how we laughed...

info (at) snapsthoughts (dot) com (Snapsthoughts) Angela Smith Brent CC benefits cerebral palsy direct disability irony payments Tue, 12 Aug 2014 20:02:05 GMT
Hot Dog Day at Lullingstone Park Lullingstone ParkLullingstone Park

It was hot enough to melt the tarmac. The Dog is giving credence to the expression 'dog tired' - he looks like he is about to keel over and his tongue is nearly down to the floor* 

Kate is obviously built of more resilient stuff judging by the look on her face.

I don't normally centre the subject but I am particularly pleased with the framing on this photo. Everything leads to Kate, the track, the verges, the trees, even the speccy clouds to the left. Also centre-right the road curves to... what? The mystery is off camera and not dead centre. Obviously all of this had to be decided in a split second otherwise the The Dog would have been past along with the opportunity.

What an interesting place this park is. Used to bring the children down here 20 years ago. Nothing seems to have changed except the snotty kids serving in the cafe. That maybe my tolerance levels changing though. Back out in the park golfers and walkers and dogs seem to co-exist OK.

[From (my) memory - Camera: Fuji X100, manual focus, ISO200, proceessed via Silver Efex Pro 2, RAW, 26/07/2014]

* For the record and animal rights. Kate is holding a collapsible water bowl and carrying 1.5l of tap water. The Dog also had to be leashed just around the corner for potential crimes against a golf ball in a bunker. As usual, the old tart is mugging for the camera. Some things never change...

info (at) snapsthoughts (dot) com (Snapsthoughts) Dogs Lullingstone Park sunny day tarmac walking Mon, 04 Aug 2014 12:23:55 GMT
Angela AngelaAngela

This is Angela.

I photographed her during a video interview with Kate which will feature in a forthcoming article at

I have rarely felt so angry.

Angela has cerebral palsy. Unfortunately, applications for the ILF (the Independent Living Fund) had closed by the time Angela needed it.

Now, despite her disability and related mobility problems she will likely be caught up in same new 'Help to Work' requirements the legislation introduced yesterday, 28/04/2014, as I for instance would - attending the Jobcentre everyday for one.

This is not 'Help to Work', it's keep people so shit-scared of unemployment they'll be co-erced into anything else, even working for nothing.

And now she is threatened with being sanctioned if she fails to use Universal Jobmatch, which is definitely NOT a requirement for JSA. So much more disinformation, wrong information, threats and generally just one more thing to make like that little bit more miserable for those unfortunate enough not to be employed.

Who needs the spectre of the workhouse with the current threat of the jobcentre?

I'll update the links when Kate publishes the interview.

info (at) snapsthoughts (dot) com (Snapsthoughts) ILF Universal Job Match cerebral palsy disability disabled help to Work jobcentre sanction Tue, 29 Apr 2014 14:29:12 GMT
sextaptych Or at least a triptych +3, or x2

Walking east along the Thames Path away from Woolwich towards Thamesmead, these little panels in the fence have been 'decorated' with layers of paint, stencil and ink. The textures are interesting and add a curious depth to the graffiti. I keep seeing more as I look at the images. You'd hardly notice them walking past but put together they make a compelling set.

Don't be put off by the 'pentaptych' in the url. Seems I can't count and thought there were only five images. Once beyond triptych it's anybody's guess though. There don't seem to be any meaningful words for more than three panels, just consensus that it has the trailing 'p' before 'tych'. Which makes seven panels sound like you are trying to spit - try it, septaptych!

Camera: Fuji X100, manual focus, ISO400, RAW

info (at) snapsthoughts (dot) com (Snapsthoughts) Thames Path Woolwich graffiti Tue, 22 Apr 2014 12:49:02 GMT